Chex™ Quest 3


Here you can find all of the downloads of Chex™ Quest 3, including the full modern update release, alternate ports, à la carte downloads of data files, and even archived older versions.


After 12 years, we're pleased to announce that there is finally a version 2 of Chex™ Quest 3! This new, major update includes many new features and upgrades, including:

  • Chex Quest movie playback (intro and ending for E1, Rescue on Bazoik—including a special version for older PCs!)
  • Original MENU.EXE Help summoned from F1 (welcome back, 1996!)
  • New dynamic lights (that can be toggled on/off with a new 'welcome window')
  • New brightmaps (a sprite's bright state applied to select regions)
  • New texture lighting (no more dark door and switch panels, giving the levels extra visual depth)
  • New skins: introducing Muddy Buddy and Wheat Chex™ (from Chex Quest HD fame)
  • 3D water
  • Other 3D effects and level geometry (that work both with chex3gzd.exe's hardware rendering, as well as original ZDoom's/Zandronum's software rendering in case your PC is old)
  • 3D Flembrane for E1M5: Caverns of Bazoik
  • Multiplayer graphics, both custom made and imported from ChexPack (thanks to "75/jwaffe" and associated authors)
  • Eight co-op spawns in every level (less "telezorching" in crowded servers!)
  • Animated doors inspired by Chex Quest HD
  • New secrets or surprises in nearly every level!
  • Scratch-made (not DOOM recolors) Unicode-extended characters in the classic Chex Quest font

There have been numerous bugs fixed, many preexisting in v1.4, but some also caused by disruptive ZDoom updates partially breaking Chex™ Quest 3 support. These have all been fixed, including (and not at all limited to):

  • Broken skins support (customized skins added by players never worked)
  • All player sprites extensively cleaned up (default skin was grainy and changed colors poorly in "Player Setup")
  • Slow Flemoids in Super Slimey! difficulty (a ZDoom change broke this in v1.4)
  • Cleaned-up HUD (multiplayer graphics and no more overlapping text)
  • 256-height textures missing their bottom rows of pixels
  • Some textures not tiling well, including the waterfall
  • Hall of mirror and other texture shimmering fixed (e.g., E2M1: Spaceport, E2M3: Museum)
  • Other off-center shimmering corrected (e.g., E2M3: Museum)
  • Numerous unhinged doors
  • Numerous mid-textures (e.g., windows) overflowing through ceilings and floors
  • Glass windows not stopping projectiles (Propulsor, snot shots, etc.)
  • Too many other things to count!

If you're a modder for Chex Quest 3, one thing to watch out for is that due to the updated HUD with multiplayer support, you may need to add a STARMS graphic to your mod if you made a custom HUD. You can make a new one, or simply insert a blank graphic.

If you're interested in playing online, you can read Multiplayer Support first for more details. If you're looking for the engine's (chex3gzd.exe) source code, check the Chex™ 3 GZD GitHub repository.

You can watch the trailer below to see it in action before downloading and playing it yourself!

Primary branch (recommended for most users!)

v2.0 full download, Windows 64-bit (soon!)
v2.0 full download, Linux 64-bit (soon!)
v2.0 full download, Mac OS X (soon!)

chex3gzd-xp branch (for Windows XP, 32-bit PCs, and older PCs)

v2.0 full download, Windows 64-bit (soon!)
v2.0 full download, Windows 32-bit (soon!)
v2.0 full download, Linux 64-bit (soon!)
v2.0 full download, Linux 32-bit (soon!)
v2.0 full download, Mac OS X (soon!)

À la carte downloads

chex3gzd-rc5.ipk3 (pre-release, not final) 8.37 MB
chex3gzd.chm (pre-release, not final) 2.83 MB
cq3gldef.pk3 (pre-relase, not final 144 KB
cq3skins.wad (pre-release, not final) 112 KB
cq3smk.pk3 (soon!) (the CD movies, compatible with GZDoom g4.8.0 and later)

Windows XP and Windows 32-bit users: You'll need the chex3gzd-xp branch of the Chex™ 3 GZD engine, and also specify the Windows 32-bit download.

Mac users: The Chex™ 3 GZD engine requires OS X 10.12 (Sierra) or later. The chex3gzd-xp branch requires OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) or later. If this is not possible, see the About page for alternate options.

Linux users: The .deb files of Chex™ 3 GZD are compiled on Xubuntu 18.04 for your convenience. If this doesn't work on your system, you have the option of going to the GitHub page and compiling the source on your Linux distribution of choice.

Alternate Ports

(only use these if you know what you're doing and looking for!)


Prefer playing online with the ODAMEX or ZDaemon source ports? Have we got a treat for you! You can now play the full Chex™ Quest 3 game on them, featuring all enemies and levels!

The new v2.x features like 3D effects, dynamic lights, and cinematic playback are unfortunately not present, but you still get the updated game with bug fixes and select updates. This download also features custom multiplayer graphics that will show only for their respective source port (ODAMEX or ZDaemon).

Existing Chex™ Quest 3 mods will also probably not be compatible with this port, though a layer of cross-compatibility was designed in the infrastructure so you can make something like a level pack with the base monsters, and it can be compatible with both the primary CQ3 as well as the ODAMEX/ZDaemon version. All standard editor numbers are identical, and all patches, textures and flats carry over, which make this possible.

chex3odx.wad is cross-compatible with both source ports — one WAD for both.

chex3odx-rc4.wad (pre-release, not final) 6.41 MB


While these are now redundant since the original Doom Builder 2's successors, Doom Builder X, GZDoom Builder Bugfix, and Ultimate Doom Builder, all come with Chex™ Quest 3 map editing configuration files (the latter two with new UDMF variants), they're still going to be preserved here as historical utility files (or in case you use an older Doom Builder version). (for Doom Builder 1) 10.7 KB (for Doom Builder 2) 14.7 KB

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